The Flaming Scimitar

With its arabic theme and djinn's, The Flaming Scimitar is one of the most characterful models in Dreadfleet. It's got a real feeling of motion to thanks to those swept forward sails being inflated by the air djinn's great gust.

The Flaming Scimitar and Cog
It also turned out to be a bit of a nightmare to paint. Not the purple, or the gold. Purple and gold are pretty easy. Those sails though - those drove me a little mad. Many, many coats of paint were needed to paint those up and get a solid coat down. The worst bit was the designs on them though - even being slightly embossed, it was still a challenge. I'm not that pleased with the air djinn either; I think it looks messy and I may go back and redo it someday.

Overall though, despite it taking me over twice as long as Grimnir's Thunder and The Black Kraken combined and still not looking perfect, I'm pleased with it. I like the fire efreet, I like the little water spirits riding the waves. I am pleased with the overall look of the sails, even if they're not going to win me any prizes!

Next - something dwarfen.