Five Potions for 13th Age!

Taking inspiration from some of the various old RPG sourcebooks I have lying around, I've concocted some extra potions for 13th Age

Potion of Animal Empathy
Drinking this potion allows the imbiber to empathise with and befriend animals (creatures with the beast keyword) for a time. Like a Charm Person spell, this potion will not work if imbibed during combat or against animals that have rolled for initiative. They may, however, come to the defence of the imbiber and his allies if the GM deems it appropriate. It is unlikely that animals will attack their original master (if they have one), but they may defend the imbiber against creatures or humanoids strange to them. The GM may also determine that several animals are affected at once - particularly if they are in a mob - if their total combined hit-points does not exceed the maximum.

The effect is dispelled immediately if the imbiber or his allies attack the animals.

Tier Cost Maximum Hit-Points of Animal Duration of Potion Effect
Adventurer 420gp 54 5 minutes
Champion 850gp 144 1 hour
Epic 1,700gp 288 1 day

Potion of Distant Audience
This ghostly white liquid allows the imbiber to hear as if he were within a distant area. The area to be listened to must be declared upon drinking the potion. If the area is not known to the imbiber (i.e. he has never been there before), he must pass a normal saving throw, or nothing is heard. Adventurers particularly like these potions to listen behind doors for monsters awaiting them, or to eavesdrop on the plans of villains. 

Tier Cost Distance Duration of Potion Effect
Adventurer 125gp 5 metres 30 Seconds
Champion 250gp 30 metres 5 minutes
Epic 500gp 100 metres 30 minutes

Potion of Spider Climbing
This potion, almost always made from the blood of giant spiders, allows the imbiber to climb walls and ceilings as if he were on the ground, with little risk (short of the potion's effect running out at an unfortunate moment!)

Tier Cost Duration of Potion Effect
Adventurer 100gp 5 minutes
Champion 250gp 30 minutes
Epic 425gp 2 hours

Potion of Dragon's Breath
Many alchemists lost their lives perfecting these volatile mixtures, which allow the imbiber to breath fire, freezing cold, acid, lightning or poisonous gas over their enemies. Each is a specific type of potion, declared when acquired, with a different damage keyword, although the damage done is the same regardless. Drinking the potion is a quick action and releasing the breath is a standard action which must be done on the same or next player turn.

Attack: level + dex/con/cha mod (pick highest) vs PD against 1d3 nearby enemies in a group.
Damage: See table. Additionally the following effects apply:
Fire Type - Miss deals half damage
Cold Type - On a hit of 16+ the target is stuck, save ends.
Acid Type - On a hit of 16+, the target suffers ongoing damage equal to 5/10/15 depending on tier, save ends.
Lightning Type - On a natural even hit the target is also dazed.
Poison Type - This gas does half damage but the target is also hampered, save ends.

Tier Cost Damage
Adventurer 210gp 4d6
Champion 425gp 5d8
Epic 650gp 6d10

Potion of Awesome Strength
Popular amongst feeble nobles desiring to impress at short notice, these potions provide a quick burst of strength for those who need it. 

In combat, they allow the bearer to do extra damage in melee, depending on tier. Outside combat they give the bearer a bonus to strength based skill checks. Either way, no matter what tier the potion is from, it lasts either 5 minutes or one combat. 

Tier Cost Bonus Damage Bonus to Skill Checks
Adventurer 350gp 1d6 +5
Champion 650gp 2d6 +7
Epic 1,300gp 2d12 +9

Let me know how you get on with these. Could they be tweaked at all? And if you have any interesting adventures with them let me know!