What I've Been Working On: The Sons of Russ

"We may be few, and our enemies many. Yet, so long as there remains one of us still fighting, one who still rages in the name of justice and truth, then by the Allfather, the galaxy shall yet know hope"
- Ragnar Blackmane of the Space Wolves Chapter

1,000 points of Space Wolves, ready to bring the fight to the enemy.
For two years, off and on, I've been working on a little Warhammer 40,000 project: Space Wolves of Harald Deathwolf's Great Company. Last weekend I finally finished off the last piece of this puzzle; Wolf Priest, Hrolf Moonstalker. 

I came to start the project partly through nostalgia - my main opponent as a child was a friend's Space Wolves and I never forgot them - and partly because I fell in love at first sight with the Thunderwolf Cavalry models. The Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf is an even more characterful model and I can't wait to assemble and paint mine as Harald Deathwolf himself! 

The Space Wolves have been a real labour of love for me and I've endeavoured to imbue each one with the individuality and heroism befitting the Sons of Russ. The Space Wolves kits have really helped with this - the sheer amount of stuff you get has made each one a true character and whilst I didn't quite manage to avoid duplicating heads I came pretty damned close - there isn't a single duplicate head in the 14 man strong squad of Blood Claws!

Grey Hunter Pack Grendel and their assigned Rhino, Geri
The first thing I painted was my Grey Hunters and they've acquitted themselves on several occasions. They operate primarily as tank hunters, with their melta-guns searing through the armour of any foe.

Geri, the Company's 3rd Rhino
Time and again Grendel Pack have relied on their Rhino to take them to battle and glory. and it proudly bares their Pack insignia as well as that of Harald Deathwolf.

Blood Claw Pack Skinfaxi and Wolf Priest, Hrolf Moonstalker
No Space Wolves are more frequently underestimated than Blood Claw packs. These recruits, still learning what it is to be a Space Wolf and to control the wolf inside them granted by the canis helix, act as shock troops in a Space Wolf army. Foes only make the mistake of dismissing them as inferior to their more seasoned Grey Hunter brethren once!

Skinfaxi Pack studies under the tutelage of Hrolf Moonstalker himself, the Warlord of this detachment. Under his guidance they learn to stalk like a hunter and approach the enemy using patience and stealth, like a wolf. And, like a wolf, strike with deadly force when the time is right. 

Wolf Priest, Hrolf Moonstalker
Hrolf Moonstalker bears the saga of the hunter and is oathbound to stalk his prey. While the bulk of the detachment surges forward to bring the fight to enemy, Hrolf watches from the shadows, waiting for the moment to unleash his fury and bring swift death to the enemy.

Thunderwolf Cavalry, part of the Lord Deathwolf's Wolf Guard Pack Fenrir
Swift, deadly, and capable of taking on any foe - the bigger the better! Even amongst the Space Wolves the cavalry of Fenrir Pack are legendary for their fearless assaults and will frequently make a direct line for the largest and most dangerous foe on the battlefield. Brother Sigvuld in particular, with his thunderhammer Ragnarok, is famed for cracking open the hulls of the enemies heaviest armour; there is no tank, it is said, he cannot destroy.

Fenrisian Wolves 
The armies of Harald Deathwolf are almost always accompanied by packs of Fenrisian Wolves. These beasts the size of horses prowl alongside their armoured companions, charging in to rip the companies foes asunder. Every bit as terrifying as the Space Marines that they accompany, it is perhaps fortunate for their enemies that they are not similarly armoured.

Brother Wulfgar Wyrmsbane

A Dreadnought assigned to the Company, Wulfgar Wyrmsbane earned the honour of his Mark V Dreadnought when he suffered a mortal wound destroying the fell wyrm, Fafnir. His sarcophagus bears proudly the blade he slew the beast with, as well as weapons of flame emulating that foul beast's fiery breath.

A drop-pod, launched from Harald Deathwolf's Battlebarge Spirit of Winter
Brother Wulfgar is called to battle via deep strike, so that he may  bring the Allfather's justice where it is best needed.

Jurgen Spirithunter
And, last but not least, an honourable mention to my Rune Priest, who is infrequently called to battle; Jurgen Spirithunter. Rumours are that the winds of the warp have come into the ascendence of late, however, so perhaps he will see much more combat action in future!

And thus ends the telling of the Saga of Harald Deathwolf's Company, for now at least. Reinforcements are the horizon and there are many great deeds to perform! 

I for one can't wait to get to it.