Five More Potions/Oils for 13th Age

I've once more delved into my old source books to come up with some new potions (and this time, oils!) for 13th Age! For even more potions check out the Vault of the 13th Age, which is a great resource for all things 13th Age, not just potions!

Potion of Heroic Action
This milky liquid makes the imbiber feel like they can take on anything - and often, they can. Peculiarly, the potion only seems to have any effect while the imbibers life is threatened. 

The Potion of Heroic Action allows the imbiber to roll two dice and pick the result they want during a battle (either the highest or lowest). This may be used on attacks, initiative and skill checks, but not damage dice. The number of times this effect may be used in battle depends on tier. Usually this potion is drunk just before or at the beginning of the battle, but it may be drunk part way through. Either way, its effect ends once the battle has finished, even if the potion's effects were not used.

TierCostNumber of Times per Battle

Potion of Levitation
(for an alternate take on this potion, see this version at 13thAge.org made by Kenderama)

This liquid defies the laws of gravity, floating to the top of any container it is within. It is important that the cork or stopper is very secure or else you may find your potion floats away into the sky.

Upon imbibing, adventurers find they are able to move freely vertically at about half walking speed. There is no height limit, but the imbiber must be very careful they do not manoeuvre themselves higher than they will be able to return to a safe position from before the effect wears off! The potion does not grant horizontal movement but this may be achieved through other means. (grabbing onto a rope, pushing off a wall etc).

The imbiber may carry objects or other adventurers beyond his own weight; the extra weight allowance, again, varies by tier.

Fighting whilst under the effects of this potion can be difficult, and any melee attacks suffer a -2 penalty. Additionally, due to the restricted movement of someone under the levitation effect, all attacks against them gain a +2 bonus. 

TierCostDuration of EffectExtra Weight Allowance
Adventurer210gp5 minutes50lbs
Champion425gp15 minutes200lbs
Epic850gp30 minutes400lbs

Oil of Fiery Burning
Every now and then an alchemist forgets the warning label for these volatile oils; with explosive results.

When this oil is exposed to air it instantly combusts, inflicting damage to d3 nearby creatures. The usual use of the oil is as a thrown weapon, like a grenade or Molotov cocktail. If used in this way, the attack is a basic ranged attack. The damage itself differs by tier. If the stopper is removed, a DC: 20 dexterity check must made to stop the flask exploding in your hands! 


Oil of Slipperiness
This oil is applied to any surface to make it very slippery indeed! If applied to an object it makes it impossible to keep hold of and if applied externally to the skin/armour/clothing it makes the bearer immune to grapples or hugs. 

Further, any attempts to bind an individual coated in oil of slipperiness are futile, as he'll simply slide out! This applies equally to ropes, chains, handcuffs, webs and any other bonds, magical or otherwise. 

Each bottle lasts until a full heal-up, or removed with a solvent (such as strong alcohol). The possible volume covered per bottle depends on tier.

Adventurer175gp1 person, or similar volume of smaller objects (DM decides exactly how many)
Champion250gp3 people, or similar volume of smaller objects (DM decides exactly how many)
Epic425gp6 people, or similar volume of smaller objects (DM decides exactly how many)

Potion of Floral Harmony
Drinking this strong scented potion allows the imbiber to empathise with, befriend and speak to plants, intelligent or otherwise (creatures with the plant keyword) for a time. Like a Charm Person spell, this potion will not work if imbibed during combat or against plants that have rolled for initiative. If the plant is intelligent, the effects of this potion will function identically to that of a Charm Person spell. If it is not, it simply means the plant will not take aggressive action against you. 

The GM may also determine that several plants are affected at once - particularly if they are in a mob - if their total combined hit-points does not exceed the maximum.

The effect is dispelled immediately if the imbiber or his allies attack the plant.

TierCostMaximum Hit-Points of PlantDuration of Potion Effect
Adventurer350gp401 hour
Champion650gp961 day
Epic1,300gp1601 week

As always, let me know how you get on with these! Let me know if you use these or any of my other potions in your games! I'd love to know how you get on! For my last batch of potions, see here!