Space Wolves - Reinforcements!

I haven't forgotten my Space Wolves. Far from it - thanks to the recent rumours and upcoming releases they've been at the forefront of my mind! I've been working on about 500 points worth of new additions; although who knows what they'll be in the new Codex?

Harald Deathwolf and a selection of his company, ready for undercoating!
They've already seen action against the Imperial Guard and it was a pretty convincing victory. Pretty pleased with them so far! Can't wait to get them painted up. (although I expect I'll do so at my usual glacial pace...)

Harald Deathwolf himself!
The Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf is one of my absolute favourite miniatures, and the one that made Space Wolves an army I had to play around with, rather than just one I was fond of. It has so much character, and I think the thunderwolf sculpt is the best I've seen. 

As yet unnamed Grey Hunter squad!
Wolves and Tanks were the twin ideas behind my army, and I think the Razorback counts! I've kept the wolfiness low on it, as the Razorback is a (relatively) new design and I wanted it to seem fresher than the Rhinos.

I made sure all the unhelmeted heads in this squad were unique within my army, and the Mark IV armour will be a nice change to paint!

Predator Tank!
If the Razorbacks title of 'tank' is a bit questionable, I don't think this is! I always wanted a Predator, and now I have one! I gave it the blades at the front to break up its profile a bit and make it seem a bit more imposing than the transports.

Old metal model, given new life!
Finally, the 15th member of my Blood Claw pack! Armed with a flamer, he's an old metal model from the 90s with new bits!