5 More Potions for 13th Age

More potions for your perusal! As ever, let me know if you use them and if there's anything you'd tweak about them!

Potion of Chameleon Skin
This potion changes colour constantly, shifting hue between all the known colours and a few only the elves can see. Once consumed the user can change the colour of their skin and held items to any hue they like, simply by concentrating. Whilst many outlandish adventurers use these potions simply as fashion items - changing their colour at a whim - they're most commonly used to aid in more sneaky pursuits. 

When used to aid in appropriate skill checks to hide or deceive, Potions of Chameleon Skin give a +5 bonus. The duration the effect lasts for depends on tier.

TierCostDuration of Potion Effect
Adventurer100gp1 hour
Champion250gp6 hours
Epic425gp1 day

Potion of Speed
This potion rushes about its bottle, sloshing from top to bottom and side to side, as if unable to stay in one place for too long. Effectively doubling the speed of the imbiber reactions become quicker and distances can be covered in astonishing speed. In a combat situation the imbiber gains a second move action, as well as a bonus to attack rolls and physical defence (dependant on tier). Outside of combat the movement speed of the character is doubled - likely allowing them to outrun most normal foes. The effect lasts for a single battle, or 5 minutes, regardless. 

There is a downside to drinking such a potent mixture, however - each use ages you by a single year. 

TierCostBonus to AttackBonus to Physical Defence

Potion of Sweet Water
The vapours of this bottle are often enough on their own to clear a room of any foul smelling mustiness, which makes these potions desirable indeed to adventurers delving in long sealed dungeons. The designed use is to transform tainted or contaminated liquid into pure, safe, water. Water created in such way is perfectly pure and the potion can be used on any non-magical liquid.

The volume of water that can be purified in this way depends on tier. 

TierCostCubic Feet of Liquid Affected
Adventurer100gp1,000 (10' cube)
Champion250gp15,625 (25' cube)
Epic425gp125,000 (50' cube)

Potion of Distant Voice
The bottle this amber liquid is contained within always sounds like it's clinking and sloshing around in someone else's backpack. 

Imbibing this potion allows the user to 'throw' their voice, causing the sound to seem like it is coming from someone, something, or somewhere, else. The distance and length of this effect depends on tier. If appropriate, the DM may require that a charisma based skill check is needed to for the effect to successfully trick a foe.

TierCostRangePotion Duration
Adventurer125gp5 metres30 seconds
Champion250gp25 metres5 minutes
Epic500gp100 metres30 minutes

Potion of Water Breathing
Blue and fizzy, this potion is a favourite of coastal adventurers. It allows the imbiber to breath normally when submerged in oxygenated liquids. The length of time this effect lasts for is dependant on tier and the user is aware roughly of how long they have left before the effect wears off. 

TierCostPotion Duration
Adventurer350gp15 minutes
Champion650gp1 hour
Epic1,300gp6 hours