Morkai's Hunters - A Space Wolves Grey Hunter Pack

Morkai's Hunters, the foremost Grey Hunter pack in the Deathwolves.

By happy coincidence, both of my Grey Hunter packs were mentioned in Companies of Fenris as belonging to the Deathwolves; the Great Company of Harald Deathwolf. Here's the latest addition of the two - Morkai's Hunters. 

The pack is the foremost pack in the Company, according to the painting guide, and is the pack with the honour of carrying the Deathwolves' standard into battle. Now, I've only done six so far (enough to fit in a Razorback!) but I'll eventually do the other four, and the standard will be there, rest assured!

I wanted this pack to look a little grimmer and stoic than my other Grey Hunter pack, the Nightwolves (formally known as Grendal Pack). I made sure to have half the pack helmeted and those without had a distinct look compared other models in the army. I also only modeled two with a chainsword, opting to give the rest a single gun, hoping this would make them look less reckless.

There's a lot of parts from the Thunderwolf Cavalry sprues in these models, and I particularly like the head of the Grey Hunter on the left with his bionic eye; there's a stern stoicism there that I think sums up the whole squad pretty well.

Also the model in the middle has some of the best facial hair in the company!

I was also certain I wanted an older variant of power armour in the pack, although Forge World has yet to produce any Horus Heresy Space Wolves (and plain armour would look a little out of place with all the ornamentation the Space Wolves adorn themselves with). I'm not too keen on having entire squads of old armour in 40k squads either (and even in 30k I'd want some mix and matching, I think, for a more fluffy look) so I picked up the bits for a single model from bits sites and ebay (although the backpack is a left over from the old 2nd Edition Starter Set!). I took a member of a Legion Recon Squad and sculpted fur over his cloak, which helps him blend in quite well. I think the rest of the armour is relatively unadorned because the armour's spirit has failed on the times they tried it - he has the arm and shoulder-pad from Mk7 armour, clearly the original was lost at some point during the last 10,000 years!

So that's Morkai's Hunters, who will be seeing battle again on Monday as I head to Wayland Games to fight an Ork horde. I'll let you know how I get on!

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